Dicksonia antarctica (large size trunk)

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The easiest tree fern to cultivate in the UK, Dicksonia antarctica has spectacular crowns of huge, finely dissected foliage on magnificent broad fibrous trunks.

This Dicksonia antactica has a large sized trunk, sized between 7 – 12 feet tall.

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Expert Tip

We do not recommend cutting the fronds of the tree ferns as this will lead to the trunk becoming thinner as the plant grows.
Sustainably Sourced

Sustainably Sourced

Most of the larger D.antarctica tree ferns we sell come from Victoria, Australia, whilst the juvenile specimens are grown in Europe.

The trunks of D.antarctica are collected from the wild under the strict monitoring of The Department for Sustainability and Environment, under the Flora and Fauna Act of 1988. This ensures that the harvesting is done in a sustainable way, that will not damage the survival of the ecosystem.

Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Dicksonia antarctica is one of the hardier tree ferns suitable in the UK climate. It prefers a position in dappled shade and requires regular watering at the crown throughout spring and summer in order to keep the trunk damp.

In winter, provide some protection for the crown, for instance with the fleece jackets we offer, against frosts.

Dicksonia antarctica are really slow growing, only gaining about 1-2 inches per year in trunk height. A mature plant, with only 2 ft of trunk, can take 25 to 30 years to grow! When planting a tree fern you will lose some height in order to plant it stably in the ground – for instance about a foot on a medium sized tree fern. Thus we recommend buying a tree fern in the size you want now rather than hoping to see it grow quickly.

Fantastic healthy tree fern, again great customer service and speedy delivery.

Julie K

Fantastic healthy tree fern, again great customer service and speedy delivery.

9 customer reviews for Dicksonia antarctica (large size trunk)

I ordered a tree fern as a birthday present for my Dad. He was so happy as the fern was of very high quality. Also he really commended the delivery driver for being very helpful. I would definitely order from this company again.

Ruth D

I ordered a 3 metre tree fern trunk that went in the ground in the spring of 2014 and soon sprouted a dozen fronds. It weathered the winter with some straw stuffed in the crown, covered in plastic, without any die-off, and this year grew an additional 30+ fronds and now stands at 5 metres tall, including fronds. It is the centrepiece of my small central London garden, along with a 3 metre palm tree and a pomegranate tree I picked up at the same time.


Really pleased with my tree fern , packaging it came in made sure the fern wasnt damaged.

Andrew Grantham

Beautiful well cared for specimen. Professional packaged and arrived unharmed.

Michael Devine