Rhapidophyllum hystrix

Needle Palm

Rarely seen for sale, this collector’s plant is possibly the hardiest of all palms, tolerating temperatures down to -20°C and below, but it requires a warm summer so give it a sunny spot with some protection from the wind.

Although tolerant of dry conditions, it will be much happier with a plentiful supply of water and thrives in boggy soils.

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Although it can eventually reach the size of a medium shrub, this is likely to take decades, so these palms make a great talking-point for a small spot in the patio or border.

Very little maintenance is required, apart from the occasional removal of old leaves.

Responds well to regular feeding with a palm fertiliser from April to September.

Expert Tip

Watch out for the sharp spines where the leaf bases join the main stem!

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This came exactly as shown in the picture, the same size which is a rarity in todays online plant world and Im really impressed.

Judith W.