Trithrinax acanthocoma

carandá, spiny palm

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Trithrinax acanthocoma is a relatively hardy, drought-tolerant palm tree that is native to South America. It has a unique, spiny trunk and a crown of arching, green leaves.

This species is a great choice for adding a tropical feel to any landscape. It is easy to care for and can tolerate a wide range of soil types, including clay soils, making it an ideal choice for gardeners looking for a low-maintenance palm tree. It is a very drought-tolerant species and is often used in xeriscaping.

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Origin: South Brazil and Paraguay
Genus: Trithrinax
Species / Cultivar: acanthocoma
Common Name: carandá, spiny palm
Synonym: T. acanthacoma

Plant Biography

Trithrinax acanthocoma (sometimes spelled acanthacoma), also known as the spiny palm, is a species of palm tree native to South America, specifically South of Brazil. It is a fan palm, meaning it has fan-shaped leaves, and is one of the relatively hardy palms, able to survive in temperatures as low as -10°C.

In the wild, the population of T.acanthocoma is threatened with extinction by forest clearance, fires and cattle grazing.

The species is almost indistinguishable from Trithirnax brasiliensis, which proved a rather difficult challenge for botanists to correctly classify it! Sometimes named T.brasiliensis var. acanthocoma, sometimes a species in its own right, the spiny palm has seen its fair share of debates over the past century and a half.

Trithrinax acanthacoma
Soil: Well drained
Soil that does not show much signs of moisture, either visibly or when handled.
Growth Rate: Slow
This plant is particularly slow to grow, even during growing season.
Water Requirement: Medium
Once it is established, this plant is likely to only require watering during drier periods.
Maintenance: Low
Minimal skill or input needed beyond the basics, a very independent plant.
Situation: Full Sun to Part Shade
Enjoys direct sun most of the day, but tolerant of fewer sunlit hours or light dappling.
Eventual Height: 8m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 2m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.
Hardiness: Hardy
Survives unprotected in an average winter. May need protection in extreme long frosts.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

It is slow-growing and has a spiny trunk, hence its name. It can reach heights of up to 8 meters and has a crown of up to 2 meters in diameter. Its leaves are green on top and silver underneath.

The spiny palm is not fussy about soil and can happily grow in the poorest soils. Would benefit from having fertiliser applied during the growing period and being watered in in the first few years after planting in the ground to encourage it to establish.

Plant in a sheltered garden in full sun, and protect with horticultural fleece in winter.

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