Dracunculus vulgaris

Dragon Lily, Dragon Arum, Black Arum, Vampire Lily

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Looking to add a touch of mystery and magic to your garden this year? Then look no further than the Dracunculus vulgaris – also known as the Dragon Arum or Dragon Lily. These fiery lilies will certainly add a touch of drama to your borders, with their huge red-purple blooms appearing from May onwards.

The massive carmine hooded spathes and long, black central ‘finger’ (spadix) are bound to turn heads, and you’ll love the dramatic impact they have in your garden. Plant a few of these magical lilies in a sunny border and enjoy their otherworldly beauty all summer long.

Please note this is a deciduous perennial and it dies back every year. At this time, the plants have barely started to come back to life.

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Plant factoid

The Dragon Lilly is one of the very few plants that have the ability to heat itself to a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, to allow its scent to be carried away further and attract insects to pollinate the flower.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

The Dracunculus vulgaris is a deciduous plant, coming back from underground tubers every spring. Plant the bulbs in hummus rich soils, about 5 – 10 cm deep. Water in immediately after planting.

Though hardy enough, a layer of mulch will provide an extra protection to the tubers in winter. You may want to take out the tubers just before winter in colder areas where the soil is prone to freezing.

Huge carmine-red flowers come out in April – May providing a dramatic and exotic look to any garden. We suggest planting the Dragon Lily far away from windows, towards the back of the garden, so that for the few days after it potently blooms, it’s easily avoidable.

Expert Tip

The plant's foliage can cause irritation if touched (or eaten!), avoid keeping it in the reach of children.

2 customer reviews for Dracunculus vulgaris

Plant arrived well packaged with ‘flower’ in bud. Looks to be in great condition and an interesting addition to my tropical garden

Janet Budd (verified owner)

Lovely plant, arrived with a lot of leaves on it and in time as promised.looks very healthy, thanks to Palm Center, can’t wait to see it flourishing 😬

Barbara (verified owner)