Lavandula × ginginsii ‘Goodwin Creek’

Lavender 'Goodwin Creek'

This is a charismatic large lavender with evergreen aromatic leaves, many of which are attractively toothed or lobed. From midsummer this shrub bears long-lasting elegant stems of fragrant, dark violet-blue flowers.

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Care Size & Guidance

Care Size & Guidance

Like most lavenders, this requires little attention beyond watering in the warmer months when the plants are still establishing. Though they have a naturally neat habit, you can clip them annually as the summer flowers fade if further shaping is desired.

‘Goodwin Creek’ will reach 90cm across in the right conditions. Due to its French lavender ancestry it is slightly less tolerant of winter exposure and may require protection in very frosty areas. In heavier soils or colder regions it may also be worth planting on a slight mound and/or backfilling the planting hole with horticultural grit to improve drainage.

Expert Tip

Lavenders are part of the Lamiaceae family, an extremely diverse and important group that include many of our favourite aromatic herbs such as mint, thyme and oregano - get the most out of its scented flowers and foliage by growing in the sunniest possible spot.