Soleirolia soleirolii

Mind-Your-Own-Business, Corsican Creeper, Baby Tears Plant

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Soleirolia soleirolii is a mat forming herbaceous perennial, evergreen in all but the coldest winters but soon bouncing back.

It has a mass of tiny rounded fresh green leaves with small pinky-white flowers in summer.

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Expert Tip

Use it to soften the areas around ponds, in combination with ground ferns and tree ferns. It adds a magic touch to stonewalls and flagstones.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

The ‘Mind Your Own Business’ plant will grow anywhere – from swampy ground that is partly underwater to dry banks.

It can be a bit invasive but, as it is shallowly rooted, can be easily removed. If it begins to grow on an area where you do not want it, such as a lawn, clear it out with a sharp hoe as soon as possible.

Soleirolia soleirolii’s use in the garden is almost limitless – two examples include growing in cracks between paving, or as cover for bumpy ground in Japanese style gardens.

5 customer reviews for Soleirolia soleirolii

Very prompt delivery. The plants are lush and healthy.
I would have preferred them to be packed upright and not horizontal. Made quite a mess unpacking. Not keen on the plastic. However the plants , which are the important thing I am very pleased with.

Jean R (verified owner)

Started drying out 2 days after delivery. Do not recommend it.


Hi Martin, as we advised on email, these plants are not suited for the setting you planned to have them into. They require deep shade and almost marsh conditions to thrive. Keeping them in a bedroom would not do them any good. We have arranged for your plants to be refunded and recommended alternatives that would better suit your setting.

Martin (verified owner)

Extremely well packaged and very healthy looking plants. Will definitely be using The Palm Centre again

Tania Islam (verified owner)

Great , prompt service from this company

claudia hocking (verified owner)