Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’

Evergreen spindle, Japanese spindle

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Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’ is a sophisticated evergreen shrub that adds elegance to landscapes. Standing at a height of approximately 0.5-1 metre, its slender columnar growth is perfect for vertical accents and space optimisation. The glossy, dark green leaves provide a polished backdrop, maintaining lush appeal throughout the year.

‘Green Spire’ is versatile, thriving in full sun to partial shade and adapting well to various soil types. With low maintenance requirements once established, its compact form is ideal for hedges, borders, or as a striking standalone piece. This hardy shrub’s ability to preserve vibrant foliage across diverse conditions makes it a sought-after choice for those seeking both visual allure and practicality in their outdoor settings.


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Origin: Japan, Korea and China
Genus: Euonymus
Species / Cultivar: japonicus 'Green Spire'
Common Name: Evergreen spindle, Japanese spindle

Plant Biography

Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’, a cultivar of the Japanese spindle tree, has a history rooted in both ornamental and practical uses. The parent species, Euonymus japonicus, hails from East Asia and has been cultivated for centuries for its attractive foliage and adaptability to various growing conditions. ‘Green Spire’ likely emerged from deliberate breeding efforts to enhance its vertical growth and refined appearance. Its columnar form and evergreen foliage have made it a popular choice for adding structure and greenery to landscapes. Over time, this cultivar’s history has become entwined with garden design, offering a timeless and versatile option for those seeking a polished and space-efficient element in their outdoor spaces.

In recent years it has been used as a wonderful substitute for box (Buxus) as it is not susceptible to box blight.

Euonymus japonicus 'Green Spire'
Soil: Moist but Well Drained
Soil that allows water to drain at a moderate rate, without the water pooling.
Situation: Full Sun to Part Shade
Enjoys direct sun most of the day, but tolerant of fewer sunlit hours or light dappling.
Eventual Height: 0.5-1m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 0.1-0.5m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.
Hardiness: Fully Hardy
Will survive unprotected outdoors in most areas of the UK, even in the harshest winters.
Habit: Evergreen
Always in leaf throughout the year. It won't lose all its leaves at any one time.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Caring for Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’ is relatively simple, making it an excellent choice for gardeners of all levels. Plant it in well-draining soil and choose a spot that receives full sun to partial shade. Regular watering is important during the establishment phase, but once established, it can tolerate some dry spells. Pruning can be done to maintain its columnar shape, preferably in late spring or early summer. This shrub is generally low-maintenance and resistant to many pests and diseases. Its compact size makes it suitable for various landscape designs, such as hedges, borders, or standalone specimens. With minimal effort, you can enjoy the timeless elegance and year-round appeal of ‘Green Spire’ in your outdoor spaces.

Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’ typically reaches a height of around 0.5-1 metre with a slender, columnar growth habit. This compact size makes it a versatile choice for vertical accents, hedges, borders, or as a striking standalone shrub in various garden designs.

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