Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’

Japanese aralia, castor oil plant

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The Japanese Aralia is a low maintenance, striking evergreen shrub with a notably tropical feel, featuring iconic lobed leaves. It produces pleasing white flowers and black berries in autumn.

Fatsia japonica ‘Spiders Web’ is a rare cultivar which boasts gorgeous variegated leaves.


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Origin: Southern Japan
Genus: Fatsia
Species / Cultivar: japonica 'Spider's Web'
Common Name: Japanese aralia, castor oil plant
Synonym: Aralia sieboldii

Plant Biography

Fatsia japonica is native to southern Japan and southern Korea, where it grows in coastal woodlands.

The name Fatsia comes from an approximation of the Japanese word for ‘eight’, which makes reference to its iconic 8 lobed leaves.

Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’
Soil: Moist but Well Drained
Soil that allows water to drain at a moderate rate, without the water pooling.
Growth Rate: Medium
Expect to see moderate growth during growing season.
Water Requirement: Medium
Once it is established, this plant is likely to only require watering during drier periods.
Maintenance: Low
Minimal skill or input needed beyond the basics, a very independent plant.
Situation: Full Sun to Full Shade
Tolerates the complete range of light levels, a very accommodating plant!
Eventual Height: 3m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 3m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.
Hardiness: Fully Hardy
Will survive unprotected outdoors in most areas of the UK, even in the harshest winters.
Habit: Evergreen
Always in leaf throughout the year. It won't lose all its leaves at any one time.

Expert Tip

Fatsia japonica looks fantastic planted amongst other plants with a particularly tropical feel, such as bamboo or palms.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Fatsia japonica has particularly low maintenance requirements. It’s easy to care for planted in either full sun or part shade, and prefers a somewhat sheltered location.

The ‘Spiders Web’ cultivar is slower growing than the straight species, and grows to a slightly smaller ultimate size.

Plant arrived in great condition, well grown and nice size

Sharon S.

Plant arrived in great condition, well grown and nice size

8 customer reviews for Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’

Well packaged and arrived promptly. Beautiful plant, just as described

Fiona Milligan (verified owner)

Plant was well protected in packaging. I’m very happy with the quality and size of the plant. It was what I was looking for and the service and quality exceeded expectations compared to other plant stores I have used. Thank you very much.

Peter Orton (verified owner)

I’ve been hesitant about trying the Fatsia for a while but delighted with the purchase. The plant is beautiful, really eye catching and much larger than I expected. Originally intended as a ground cover but will now get a nice space if its own as its so striking.

Shei M (verified owner)

Plant arrived in great condition, well grown and nice size

Sharon S.