Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Sealand’

Maidenhair vine

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Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Sealand’ is a delightful, low-growing and evergreen shrub native to New Zealand. The dark, wiry stems contrast greatly against the many small, round, dark green leaves. It grows to a maximum height of about 1.5m and has a spread of up to 2m. Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Sealand’ is a particularly compact cultivar and thus makes an excellent choice for creating a low-maintenance hedge or groundcover.

Muehlenbeckia ‘Sealand’ is also suitable for both in-ground and container gardening and can tolerate both sunny and shady aspects. It is tolerant of a variety of soils and also grows happily in coastal locations. While some additional water is appreciated, it is drought tolerant once established. Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Sealand’ is an easy-care plant that is ideal for small gardens and containers.


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Origin: New Zealand
Genus: Muehlenbeckia
Species / Cultivar: complexa 'Sealand'
Common Name: Maidenhair vine

Plant Biography

Muehlenbeckia ‘Sealand’ is a relatively recent addition to the nursery trade and has quickly gained popularity with British gardeners and landscapers.

Developed by horticulturists, it is a cultivated variety of Muehlenbeckia complexa, commonly known as maidenhair vine or wire vine. ‘Sealand’ was likely selected for its compact growth habit and ornamental qualities, such as its dense, wiry stems and small, rounded leaves.


Muehlenbeckia complexa 'Sealand'
Soil: Moist but Well Drained
Soil that allows water to drain at a moderate rate, without the water pooling.
Growth Rate: Fast
Expect to see prolific growth, especially during growing season.
Water Requirement: Medium
Once it is established, this plant is likely to only require watering during drier periods.
Maintenance: Low
Minimal skill or input needed beyond the basics, a very independent plant.
Situation: Full Sun to Part Shade
Enjoys direct sun most of the day, but tolerant of fewer sunlit hours or light dappling.
Eventual Height: 0.15-0.5m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 0.2-1+m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.
Hardiness: Hardy
Survives unprotected in an average winter. May need protection in extreme long frosts.
Habit: Semi Evergreen
May only remain evergreen in milder winters, or only loose leaves for a short period.
Lifecycle: Perennial
This plant is persistant and does not die off after flowering. It will return each season indefinitely, if provided with suitable growing conditions.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Sealand’ remains evergreen down to around -5C but, even if leaves are dropped below this temperature, they are soon replaced with vigorous growth the following spring – in mild regions it can actually be a nuisance! Late in the year it will produce small fragrant greenish white flowers that are followed by white fruits.

Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Sealand’ prefers regular watering to keep the soil evenly moist. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out slightly before watering again. Adjust the frequency based on the plant’s needs and the environmental conditions.

Great for living sculptures

Great for living sculptures

Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Sealand’ has an interesting characteristic related to its stem structure. The stems of this vine are highly flexible and resilient, which allows them to be easily shaped and manipulated. This quality has led to its use in various artistic and creative applications. Some people enjoy crafting and sculpting with Muehlenbeckia complexa stems, creating unique and intricate designs.

As Muehlenbeckia complexa is a climbing vine, it requires a support structure to climb upon. Provide a trellis, fence, or other sturdy support for the vine to twine and climb around. Regularly guide and train the vine along the support to achieve the desired shape

Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Sealand’ is a fascinating plant with its natural climbing behaviour, adaptability, and creative potential, making it a distinctive addition to gardens and creative projects alike.


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