Sarcococca confusa

Winter box, sweet box

A plant of understated beauty and usefulness, Sarcococca confusa is a hardy, spreading evergreen shrub.

The glossy leaves and tiny, heavenly scented winter flowers bring joy to even the shadiest spot, followed by small glossy black berries by summer. 

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Expert Tip

This shrub can grow very well in a large container. This can then be moved up near to the doorway in winter so the delicious fragrance can be enjoyed every day as you pass.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Whilst it will need regular watering in sunnier spots, this plant can be tolerant of dry shade and neglect once established. The shrub has an arching loose habit that forms attractive natural sprays, do not be tempted to prune too regularly or vigorously as you may spoil the shape and get fewer flowers. 

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