Creastone Cube

These stunning creastone cubes will enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces with their visual and textural appeal. With their stone-like appearance, they work well in a wide range of design styles, looking particularly good when contrasted with fine foliage plants such as ferns.

Available in various sizes, these pots are frost-proof and weather-proof. They don’t have pre-drilled drainage holes but these can be easily made at home with a drill. Perfect for courtyards, conservatories, and commercial spaces.

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What is Creastone?

What is Creastone?

Creastone is a fairly new composite made by blending clay with synthetic materials to form a weather-proof, lightweight finish which looks and feels exactly like granite.

This is extremely useful for outdoor and indoor pots, offering gardeners the look and feel of stone at a fraction of the cost and weight.



Polystone and Creastone Pots

Polystone and Creastone Pots

Bear in mind that most of our Polystone and Creastone pots show the diameter in centimetres of the main cavity of the pot, but this does not take into account the lip at the top. This reduces the entry to the pot by approximately 5 centimetres so allow for this when selecting the pot size.

They do not have drainage holes but these can be easily added with a household drill if the pots are to be used outdoors.


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