Outdoor Planter Polystone Window Box

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Polystone planters offer the best of both worlds: the timeless elegance of a stone finish combined with the lightweight durability of synthetic materials.


The elegant simplicity of Polystone provides a perfect contrast to your planting scheme, enhancing the plants without distracting from them. Available in black and grey, these planters cannot be matched for style and value for money.


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Polystone is a highly-durable, composite material made by combining real powdered stone with fiberglass resin. It is both lightweight and strong, and has the look and finish of traditional stone planters.

Polystone planters offer a cost-effective way of getting a classic stone look with the affordability and ease of a lightweight material.


Polystone and Creastone Pots

Polystone and Creastone Pots

Bear in mind that most of our Polystone and Creastone pots show the diameter in centimetres of the main cavity of the pot, but this does not take into account the lip at the top. This reduces the entry to the pot by approximately 5 centimetres so allow for this when selecting the pot size.

They do not have drainage holes but these can be easily added with a household drill if the pots are to be used outdoors.


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