Ficus binnendijkii ‘Amstel King’

Ficus binnendijkii ‘Amstel King’ is a stunning indoor plant, admired for its lush foliage and air-purifying attributes. With glossy, lance-shaped leaves in a rich green hue, this Ficus variety adds elegance to any space.

Ficus ‘Amstel King’ thrives in low-light conditions, making it an ideal choice for homes and offices.

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Origin: Southeast Asia
Genus: Ficus
Species / Cultivar: binnendijkii 'Amstel King'

Plant Biography

The botanical history of Ficus binnendijkii dates back to the Moraceae family, which includes figs and mulberries. Native to Southeast Asia, this species is known for its robust growth and ornamental appeal.

Ficus binnendijkii is a popular indoor plant due to its glossy leaves and air-purifying qualities. Hybridisation and cultivation practices have likely played a role in developing different varieties, such as ‘Amstel King,’ emphasising its adaptability and aesthetic features for indoor environments.

Ficus binnendijkii 'Amstel King'
Light: Bright Indirect
This plant likes sun, but keep out of direct sunlight. Best placed in an area near a window.
Soil: Indoor Potting Mix
Enjoys moist well drained soil with composted organics and some drainage material.
Growth Rate: Medium
Expect to see moderate growth during growing season.
Water Requirement: Regular Watering
Water when soil surface is dry to the touch. Water must draining easily away.
Humidity: High
Provide moist air via daily misting or trays of wet grit. Keep away from drafts and heaters.
Maintenance: Low
Requires no attention beyond correct position and watering. An ideal starter plant!
Eventual Height: 3m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 1m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

To care for Ficus binnendijkii ‘Amstel King’ as an indoor plant, place it in bright, indirect light and water when the top inch of soil feels dry. Ensure well-draining soil and maintain humidity for optimal growth. Regularly wipe the glossy leaves to prevent dust build-up.

Prune to shape and control size, and consider repotting every 2-3 years. ‘Amstel King’ can grow up to 3 metres indoors, so monitor its size and provide adequate space for its tree-like form while enjoying a low-maintenance and visually appealing addition to your indoor space.

Expert Tip

If branches get to long and leggy, they can be pruned back by half their length.


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