Dryopteris austriaca (dilatata)

broad buckler-fern

Dryoperis dilatata is a semi-evergreen fern with a fairly upright habit, growing to 90 – 100 cm in height. An ideal plant to soften shaded corners or underplant larger trees.

The wide-spreading, finely-cut, triangular fronds rise upward and outward from its central crown. It prefers moist, shady areas, and can tolerate partial sun if the soil is kept moist.

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Plant the Dryopteris dilatata in shaded and sheltered spots in early spring. Use a compost rich mix to plant when in a pot, or mix compost with the soil when planting in the ground.

Apply a thick layer of mulch to keep the moisture in the ground. Though it may cope for short periods of time with the lack of water, avoid this in spring when the new growth is pushing.

In harsher winters it may lose all its fronds but will come back in spring more vigorous than ever.


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