Digitalis purpurea


The common foxglove is usually a herbaceous biennial, growing a rosette of coarse hairy green leaves the first year then expanding those glorious towers of hooded purple flowers in the second.

Ideal for a shady spot, however easy to adapt to any setting. It brings a fantastic look when grown en masse at the back of a border.

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Product note

Please be advised that Digitalis purpurea plants sold by The Palm Centre are usually sold in their first year of life and, as a consequence, they may not bear flowers immediately, but the year after planting.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Plant in early spring in back of borders or add to centre of larger planted areas to add vertical interest. Seedlings should be planted about 30 cm apart to allow room to grow. Spacing plants apart also allows air flow between the plants, as they are prone to powdery mildew infection in late summer.

All parts, including seed and pollen, are extremely poisonous and can be fatal if eaten – containing chemical compounds that are used (in careful doses) to treat heart failure.

For that reason it is best to avoid growing the Common Foxglove anywhere near the vegetable garden. When handling Foxglove it’s recommended to use protection, as the contact with leaves can irritate sensitive skin.

Expert Tip

Allow plants to seed before cutting the flowering stem, as this may encourage a second flush of blooms to grow.


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