Lavandula ‘Imperial Gem’

English Lavender

Introducing Lavandula ‘Imperial Gem’: A Stunning Compact Lavender Variety.

Discover the captivating Lavandula ‘Imperial Gem,’ a remarkable compact lavender cultivar renowned for its beauty and aromatic allure. Standing at just 40-60cm tall, this perennial herb features dense, silvery-green foliage and slender spikes of mesmerising deep purple flowers, creating a striking contrast that will elevate any garden or landscape.

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Expert Tip

Do not prune back beyond the previous year's growth. Trim back little and often to encourage a bushy habit and lots of flowers.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

All lavender resent cool, wet soil in winter and so in heavy soils it is best to line the planting trench with a thick layer of horticultural grit and plant on a slight mound to raise the roots above the worst of the winter damp. Alternatively this is a great plant for growing in containers.

If you want to shape the plant or keep it compact you can clip back annually once the flowers are spent. Though drought tolerant eventually, they do need watering well in hot weather to help successful establishment.


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