Phormium ‘Rainbow Queen’

flax lily 'Rainbow Queen'

Phormiums are easy to care for evergreens with magnificent sword-like leaves, perfect to add a tropical flair to a sunny border.

Phormium ‘Rainbow Queen’ displays pale green foliage which is lined with rich pink and bronze contrasting stripes.

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Expert Tip

Phormium are frequently grown alongside Yucca and Cordyline for their similar, complementary appearances.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Phormiums are undemanding plants that thrive in a sunny border with moist soil, or planted in a container. Once established they become drought tolerant.

Make sure to leave some space between the Phormium and surrounding plants as the Phormium’s large leaves can take over their space.

Phormium are generally hardy for normal winters but mulching around the base and using fleece jackets can help protect them during particularly cold spells.


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