Egg Outdoor Pot – Aquarius Galaxy

The Aquarius range of outdoor pots is one of our most popular, with a rather clever glazing technique giving the appearance of volcanic stone or a constellation of stars among the cloudiness of a galaxy in the night sky.

No two pots are identical and it is this organic nature that makes these pots work so well. The pumice-like finish is reminiscent of hardened lava which blends in with any natural environment and gives the illusion of the pot being an extension of the landscape, rather than something made by human hands.

Egg-shaped outdoor pot made of frost-proof ceramic with an oxidised, antique-green glaze.

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Meet our Aquarius range of outdoor pots
Close-up photo of an outdoor pot in the Aquarius range

Meet our Aquarius range of outdoor pots

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that is certainly true of our Aquarius range of outdoor pots. The innovative glazing and firing technique means that no two pots are exactly the same. You could spend hours poring over the surface of these pots and never see the same thing twice as every square inch is like a miniature landscape.

This close-up photo could be an aerial shot of the volcanic surface of a distant planet, or a depiction of the birth of a galaxy, or the tidal pools of a remote coastline… the possibilities are endless.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

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