Pleioblastus fortunei ‘Variegata’

dwarf white-striped bamboo

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Pleioblastus fortunei ‘Variegata’ is a fast-growing evergreen bamboo with striking creamy-white and green striped leaves that will add a unique and vibrant look to any landscape. This bamboo is easy to maintain and is fairly drought-tolerant, making it ideal for those with busy lifestyles. With its graceful arching canes, this bamboo is sure to add a touch of elegance to any garden.

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Care & size guidance

Care & size guidance

Pleioblastus fortunei Variegata grows vigorously in rich soils and may become invasive, while in poor soils tends to have a clumping habit.

It performs very well in pots also, however every 3-4 years it will require repotting to refresh the soil that gets depleted of nutrients.

In the ground it’s recommended to contain the bamboo with bamboo control root barrier to prevent it from becoming invasive.

For a thick hedge or clump, water frequently and feed with high nitrogen slow release fertiliser twice a year.

The plant can be easily trimmed and scruffy canes can be cut to the ground in spring.

Expert Tip

The Dwarf White-striped bamboo is an plant that can be used for hedging. Simply plant the bamboo in trenches lined with root barrier around the perimeter and trim twice a year to the desired height for a neat hedge .

1 customer review for Pleioblastus fortunei ‘Variegata’

Slightly underwhelmed with this plant. Pot size as expected but not much of the plant within. Have bought these before. Am hoping that when the weather improves, the plant will spring into life and become the showstopper in my border that I’d planned.

Janet Budd (verified owner)