Erigeron karvinskianus

Mexican Fleabane

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Erigeron karvinskianus, commonly known as Mexican fleabane or Santa Barbara daisy, is a charming perennial plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. Native to Mexico and Central America, it has captured the hearts of gardeners worldwide due to its delicate beauty and adaptability. This low-growing herbaceous plant forms a dense mat of tiny, daisy-like flowers with a diameter of about 1 cm. The flowers start off white but gradually transition to pink as they age, creating a lovely multicoloured display.

Enhance your garden’s beauty with Erigeron karvinskianus, the Mexican Fleabane. Order now to experience its captivating floral charm and versatility in your landscape.

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Origin: Mexico
Genus: Erigeron
Species / Cultivar: karvinskianus
Common Name: Mexican Fleabane

Plant Biography

The Mexican Fleabane (Erigeron karvinskianus) was discovered in the early 19th century during expeditions to Mexico and Central America. Naturalist Wilhelm Friedrich Karwinski von Karwin collected the plant’s specimens and recognised its unique beauty. It was officially classified as Erigeron karvinskianus to honour Karwinski’s contributions to botany.

Since then, this charming white and pink-flowered perennial has become a popular ornamental plant, cherished for its adaptability and allure, gracing gardens worldwide.

Erigeron karvinskianus 'Profusion'
Soil: Well drained
Soil that does not show much signs of moisture, either visibly or when handled.
Growth Rate: Fast
Expect to see prolific growth, especially during growing season.
Final Size: Small
Will stay small enough for a desk or shelf.
Water Requirement: Low
Will grow in a drier position and is unlikely to need regular watering once established.
Maintenance: Low
Minimal skill or input needed beyond the basics, a very independent plant.
Situation: Full Sun to Part Shade
Enjoys direct sun most of the day, but tolerant of fewer sunlit hours or light dappling.
Eventual Height: 0.1 - 0.5m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 0.5 - 1m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.
Hardiness: Hardy
Survives unprotected in an average winter. May need protection in extreme long frosts.
Habit: Evergreen
Always in leaf throughout the year. It won't lose all its leaves at any one time.
Lifecycle: Perennial
This plant is persistant and does not die off after flowering. It will return each season indefinitely, if provided with suitable growing conditions.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

To care for Erigeron karvinskianus, aka Mexican Fleabane, embrace its easy-going nature! Plant in well-draining soil, bask it in sun or light shade, and water moderately. Let it self-seed for a charming spread, or deadhead to control. Enjoy the delightful daisy-like blooms that attract butterflies – a delightful addition to any garden!

Ideal for rock gardens, borders, and containers, Mexican Fleabane thrives in full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil. Its resilience allows it to withstand diverse weather conditions, making it perfect for both humid and arid climates. Additionally, its ability to attract butterflies and pollinators makes it a great choice for promoting biodiversity in the garden.

With minimal maintenance requirements, this easy-to-grow plant self-seeds abundantly, ensuring a colourful display from spring to autumn. To prevent excessive self-seeding, some gardeners may consider deadheading but volunteer seedlings are easy to remove. Erigeron karvinskianus is an enchanting addition to any garden, providing a delightful and ever-changing tapestry of colour.

3 customer reviews for Erigeron karvinskianus

I have bought this plant a few weeks ago so good were they I thought I would have another six they were dry and had been packed on their sides so the dryness of the soil was falling out they were also swashed so a little disappointing no doubt with a little tender care and water they will come up to your usual standard so one star dropped for packing.

The Palm Centre reply:
Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that the plants delivered the second time were not in tip top condition. We have discussed the issue with our colleagues in the packing team to avoid similar situations in the future.

Veronica collier (verified owner)

“Arrived as planned a few were broken on the longer ends but no doubt they will recover as soon as they start growing but they were well packed”

Thanks for your review. Erigeron will grow back very quickly in the spring. Enjoy your plant – Josh, The Palm Centre

V collier (verified owner)

Oh I love these. It has filled up a small space at the corner of my patio and blooms nearly all year round. This year I found out that I should have been cutting it down annually to keep it neater and Ive done that and its bursting out beautifully again.