Euonymous japonicus

Evergreen spindle, Japanese spindle

Euonymus japonicus, also known as Japanese euonymus or evergreen spindle, is an ornamental shrub prized for glossy, leathery leaves and vibrant green foliage. This versatile plant grows up to 3-4 metres, producing inconspicuous flowers and striking pink fruits. Ideal for hedges, borders, or standalone gardens, it offers year-round appeal with minimal care needs. Thriving in various conditions, Euonymus japonicus suits both sun and partial shade, making it a popular choice for diverse landscapes and garden designs.

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Euonymus japonicus, revered for its glossy, leathery leaves and vibrant green foliage, requires well-draining soil and regular watering, along with intermittent pruning to retain its desired size and shape.

If left to its own devices, this versatile shrub commonly attains heights ranging from 3-4 metres, making it an excellent choice for hedging or standalone use in gardens. However, it is easy to keep trimmed for more formal garden settings, requiring light annual pruning to keep it in shape.

Japanese spindle grows well in various light conditions—ranging from full sun to partial shade—making it a useful addition to many garden landscapes.


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