Mahonia x media ‘Charity’

Oregon Grape 'Charity'

Mahonia x media ‘Charity’ showcases year-round allure through its vibrant evergreen leaves and aromatic winter flowers. Flourishing in partial shade to full sun with well-drained soil, it grows slowly to heights of up to 4 metres.

Throughout winter it produces long sprays of yellow ‘lily of the valley’ type flowers that are slightly fragrant. It will grow in any position in any soil: the perfect background for herbaceous perennials which will reveal the winter presence of this shrub once died down.

Low-maintenance and deer-resistant, this variety elevate gardens, attracting birds with its berries while offering enduring garden beauty.


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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Mahonia x media ‘Charity’ thrives in well-drained, fertile soil and prefers partial shade, though it tolerates full sun with adequate moisture. Regular watering, especially during dry spells, sustains its growth. Prune minimally, mainly to shape or remove damaged branches in late winter or early spring.

Reaching heights of up to 4 metres with a similar spread, this hardy shrub requires space to flourish. Its low maintenance needs and deer resistance make it an ideal choice for borders or as a specimen plant, offering evergreen beauty and fragrant winter blossoms.


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