When should I plant a palm tree?

As long as you are able to dig the ground, you can plant an outdoor palm tree any time of year. February to November are the most common months for planting.

How deep should I plant a palm tree?

Deep enough so all the roots are submerged in soil up until the base of the trunk.

What fertiliser should I apply to my palm tree?

We offer various specialist fertilizers that are specifically formulated for palm trees. Use the fertilizer during the growing season.

Special attention should be given to garden palm trees planted in pots, that will require feeding regularly.

Always follow the instructions on the label and do not overfeed.

How fast does a palm tree grow?

Some species of palm tree grow faster than others. Some cold hardy palm trees can grow up to 30 cm (1 ft) of trunk a year like the Trachycarpus fortunei, while others are extremely slow like the Butia odorata  and some in between such as Chamaerops humilis.

In general, palm trees will grow faster when  the warmer growth season is longer. This means that in the Southern parts of the UK, a palm tree will grow faster than in northern UK regions.

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